The Naturheals provides you with everything you need when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle & products. With an abundance of premium quality supplements to choose from, our products cover all aspects of health, from women’s to men’s health, supporting the immune system, vitamins and minerals for general wellbeing and natural supplements for improved sexual health. Carefully selected by an expert team specialising in health and wellbeing, all of our supplements are made under strict exacting standards and certified. All our brands of supplements are completely safe for you to use and infused with all-natural products that are brimming over with vitamins and other vital nutrients.
Value for the Longevity
Natural herbs and botanicals have been used for centuries to bolster health and wellbeing. The THE NATURHEALS collection of natural herbs and botanicals contain a wealth of vitamins and nutrients to deliver the body with what it needs to stay strong, resilient and healthy. Made under strict supervision, our range of NATURAL supplements are all premium quality and give the body with what it needs to fight against attack to encourage optimum wellness even during times of stress.
Spiriluna Healing
 Spiriluna contains an incredible array of nutrients that make them a functional whole food for sustaining life without the need for other foods.  These algae contain pre-digested protein (in the form of amino acids) for quick absorption and high utilization rates.  Spirulina contains essential omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA & DHA.  Algae, in fact, are the very source that fish, krill and other animals obtain their omega 3’s
 Spiriluna is rich source of the tough to find essential omega-6 fat GLA.  It also provides nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) that provide a megadose of raw materials for DNA repair.  Spirulina is a very rich source of critical B vitamin methylating agents such as B6 and folate.   It also has an extraordinary array of antioxidant phytonutrient anthocyanins.  These anthocyanins are renowned for their powerful anti-carcinogenic properties.
Benefits of Chlorelella
Your brain desperately needs B12 to stay healthy. Chlorella supplies your body with the only form of this vitamin your body can use. In fact, vegans take note - it is one of the few plant sources on the planet of this active form of B12. Clinical research has also shown chlorella helps seniors boost their recall.Chlorella has been shown to strengthen your immune system in a number of ways - from boosting your immune cell numbers to increasing production of powerful immune chemicals like interferon.

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